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Diane Guerrero returns for ‘Orange is the New Black’ second season

The Netflix series star opened up about her role and one reality that’s truly shaped her.


In real life, the Jersey-born actress from a Colombian family hails from some of the tougher areas of Boston, including Jamaica Plains and Roxbury.

Her rough upbringing is the result of a struggle that thousands of Latino families have been facing.

I am the daughter of two parents that were deported (from) this country,” she tells Viva. "I’m not ashamed of it. It’s a problem here in America and it happened to me."

Guerrero’s family, including her older brother, was deported when she was 14. "I was the only one left (because) I was born in Jersey," she says. "My entire family was just ripped apart."

Guerrero was taken in by two Colombian families that she was close with, but her circumstances left the aspiring actress growing up with feelings of insecurity and hopelessness.

"I didn’t think anything was going to happen for me," she says. "I had dreams, but always told myself, ‘Nah, that would never happen.’ For a poor Latina, (acting) wasn’t a reality."

But Guerrero, 27, pressed on. She moved to New York after college and landed a coveted role on “Orange.”

With her family still in Colombia, her next goal is to use her life story as a platform to help other families facing the same struggles. Deportation, she says, “is an issue that needs to be dealt with a lot more and I want to be one of the representatives for that.”

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a day in the life of misty

okay but this literally the entire first series in one gif



a day in the life of misty

okay but this literally the entire first series in one gif

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At gunpoint everybody loves you!!

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sex in the shower? no. slip and bust my ass. break my dick. she slippin too. she knock her head on the tile she passed out. bleedin. i cant walk cause my jimmy snapped. thought this was gonna be sexy and we both end up half dead.

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why is sick as a dog a saying
why are dogs so sick


look at this sick dog

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Hahaha I went into a random dream town and this person has a chair, a box of tissues, and a picture of Carlton in their basement.

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Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.

I want to be friends with her!

It’s not just straight guys who have “yellow fever”.  gay guys who only date asian guys/have yellow fever kinda creep me out.  

I met this one guy who kept saying things like “I love Asian food”, “I only date Asian guys”, “I’ve been to Japan 10 times”, etc.  And he kept telling me these things he learned about different Asian countries.  I don’t care.

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The white person at the end of the scary movie

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person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



me: image


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